From the study of Theogony, we learn that many ancient cultures had a sort of Library facility for study of Scriptures.  Through ages, the knowledge has been preserved and transmitted by collection of scriptures and books knowing everything that can be known about a subject by a aspirant is possible only with systematic availability of information.  Library does that.  A well managed Library is a huge source of data collection & inspires the minds of reader.

College has given top priority for Library at par with Faculty and Lab facilities.  New Titles are added on regular basis.  The reference & reading section works for Twelve hours from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM and Lending section from 10.30 A.M.  to  5.00 PM.

A Library Committee is formed having staff from each Department to review Library activities and plan for updates.  SC,  ST  & BCM students get additional books under respective book banks supported by state Govt.

Library has a Unique scheme under Students Book Bank, Lending books by charging a nominal maintenance cost of Rs. 30/- & 90/- per book for entire semester.  This facility is appreciated by students parents & visiting committees. 

Library has subscribed to e-journal through Del Net. and part of VTU E-CONSORTIUM  

Here is treasure of Library.

No. of Titles–   24,394
No. of Volumes–   48,454
No. of Journals–   42
Seating Capacity–   150 Students


Library Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Ravikant Patil Librarian
2 Bheemashankar Asst. Librarian
3 Santosh Asst. Librarian

Links for digital access

       • D-BOOKSTORE
       • NPTEL
       • NPTEL in association with VTU
       • VTU E-Learning
       • VTU E-Learning VIDEOS
       • IEEE (accessible within library)
       • VTU KopyKitab
       • IEEE (accessible within Library)
       • ACSE Library(accessible within Library) 
       • PRO QUEST(accessible within library)